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Department of Genetics


Purchasing rules and advice


  1. If you're purchasing equipment worth more than £1000 that's not part of a framework contract you need 3 quotes. See the CPO guidelines.
  2. To purchase software under a University agreement see below, otherwise quotes and purchase orders.
  3. If you buy a computer or printer without consulting me and it's rubbish don't expect much help. Especially if it's on my "bad" lists.


Total Value

(before VAT)


Procedure for inviting offers














Follow procedures recommended by Procurement Services for the contract.



Only the price from the Marketplace is required.


Written price confirmation.

£1,000- £25,000



Three Written Quotes.


>£25,000 - £50,000



Three Written Quotes or three Written Proposals, depending on complexity, risk and value of the purchase (see the guidance in Procurement Procedures).






Three Tender Submissions.

> £100,000



Procurement Services must be consulted/involved and agree the most appropriate procurement method.



EU Thresholds (updated biennially) as at January 2016


>£164,176       (goods and services)

>£4,104,394  (works)



EU Tenders managed through Procurement Services.

Software under University agreements

  1. Find the cost and part number from the UCS Sales web server.
  2. Arrange for a paper copy of a UFS PO.
  3. Give the PO to someone who can create the software authorisation (Ian is one of these people.)
  4. Post the PO to the UIS with completed authorisation paperwork.

General IT accessories

For standard components you should find put the part number into the requisition system stating iProcurement as the supplier and giving an expected price.

Laptop Manufacturers

(Disclaimer: My opinion based on my experience of reliability and support)
Good: Toshiba (Tecra, Satellite Pro), Apple, Asus, Lenovo
Average: Acer, Dell (XPS, Vostro, Latitude), Samsung, Toshiba (Satellite), HP (Compaq, Probook)
Bad: Sony, HP (Pavillion), Dell (Inspiron)

Desktop Manufacturers

(Disclaimer: My opinion based on my experience of reliability and support)
Good: Avantek, Dell (Precision, Optiplex), HPE (Elite)
Average: Viglen, Sony, Apple
Bad: Packard Bell, HP (Pavillion)

Printer Manufacturers

(Disclaimer: My opinion based on my experience of reliability, support and running costs)
Good: Kyocera, Samsung
Average: HP
Bad: Xerox