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Department of Genetics


Client Configuration


Tested with 10.6-8

  1. Turn off firewall
  2. Install xcode from app store
  3. run xcode to install sub components, specifically "Command line tools"
  4. Download Bacula (stick to same major version as server, Currently 7.x)
  5. Extract: tar xzf bacula-<VERSION>.tar.gz
  6. Change working dir: cd bacula-<VERSION>
  7. Configure: ./configure --enable-client-only --prefix=/usr/local
  8. Compile: make
  9. Install: sudo make install
  10. Make LaunchDaemon config:
    sudo -s "sed 's#@PREFIX@#/usr/local#;s#@FD_CONF@#/usr/local/etc/bacula-fd.conf#' < platforms/osx/files/ > /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.bacula.bacula-fd.plist"
  11. Email /usr/local/etc/bacula-fd.conf to to get it edited to match server settings.
  12. Replace /usr/local/etc/bacula-fd.conf with edited version
  13. Reboot and cross fingers
  14. Ask to check connectivity
  15. Try turning on firewall. System should prompt to exclude bacula-fd from firewall.
  16. Ask to check connectivity.


You will need full administrative rights for your PC, and a connection to the department's wired network.

  1. Get the installer:
    Installer for 64-bit Windows
    Installer for 32-bit Windows
  2. Run the installer
    Bacula Windows Step 1
  3. Agree to the licence agreement
    Bacula Windows Step 2
  4. Choose the default "automatic" install.
    Bacula Windows Step 3
  5. Default client install is appropriate.
    Bacula Windows Step 4
  6. The client template can be sent to IT to add configuration settings to the server. Save it somewhere you can find it easily!
    Bacula Windows Step 5
  7. The DIR name is "gen-dir" without quotes. There is no end-user DIR password at present.
    Bacula Windows Step 6
  8. Installation should proceed
    Bacula Windows Step 7
  9. Once complete, you should send the client template you saved to
  10. If your computer's firewall software prompts you to allow access to "bacula-fd.exe" then allow it. You may need to manually allow the backup software:
    XP: netsh firewall add portopening TCP 9102 "Bacula Backup" ENABLE
    Win Vista+: netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Bacula Backup" dir=in action=allow protocol=TCP localport=9102 profile=Domain,Private

(Thanks to Paul Barrow for images and debugging)


Install the bacula client package for your flavour of linux (must be version 7 or older,) send the configuration template to