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How to use SFTP from Windows or Mac


SFTP is a good way to transfer files across untrusted networks.

You will need a client:

Systems running SFTP

Server Hostname IP Fingerprint Visibility
Larch 90:4e:4c:da:9e:16:2d:61:26:a1:3b:4a:e5:a7:e0:40 Cambridge
Amaserv ba:1c:95:8c:36:0e:36:f2:24:4a:a9:84:0c:77:22:df Internet
websvc 78:20:36:e4:f5:5c:d7:5a:c4:68:7a:0c:b4:44:08:f1 Internet


Using WinSCP

Open the program, you should get a display like this:

WinSCP opening page

Enter the address you'd like to connect to and your username/password. Click connect, if you've not connected before you will see something like:

WinSCP fingerprint page

If the line beginning ssh-rsa is identical to the fingerprint in the table above, you are connecting to the correct server and can click yes. Otherwise, you're probably connecting to a different server. Once you're connected you will probably get a window divided into two parts:

WinSCP panes

You can drag and drop between these two panes, which should bring up a dialogue like this:

WinSCP copy dialog

Most of the time just click "Copy"

Using Cyberduck

When you first launch Cyberduck it should look something like this.
Cyberduck start
It also remembers what server you were connected to the last time you launched it, so it may well connect again for you.
I prefer to connect by putting the address in the Quick Connect box on the toolbar, for example s and pressing return.
Cyberduck main

I can now drag and drop files.