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Dark doings in the Furner dungeon

Dixy washing fly brains

Happy staff through shelves

Girl with microscope

Marion and Sara daintily partake of afternoon tea

VFB grey 885

Rhys dramatic 885

AMA for home 885

Xmas bauble Lindon Lab 2012

SUMOylation of topoisomerase 2α affects its localisation in metaphase

SUMOylation of topoisomerase 2α affects its localisation in metaphase

Lindon Lab elves Xmas 2013 885

Sweatshirts 2014 home carousel

Joanne's cake 432up

Masuda-Nakagawa Odor evoked responses 885

Masuda-Nakagawa fig 1A 885

Lawson Fig2 885

Alfonso shaping up 885

Gorilla family 885

Micklem HGT figure 3

Micklem HGT home 885


Abenza et al 885

Peter BJ and Ben Steventon with eggs 885

Fu missing Ana1

Rhys Grant Photo Competition winner 2016 885

Science Festival 2016 fluorescence 885

Coelho Plk4 885

Waterscope kit 885

Department for al-Kindi

Building for Al-Kindi

Kimata outreach in lab 885

Lu Zhao movie screenshot

Melissa A-K explains poster

Scally paper Oct 16 885

Shlomit Edri tcf3RED 885

Turner for Fellowship 885

Illingworth influenza paper illus feb 17 885

Open Day 2017 885

Tessa Bertozzi presents at FameLab Finals 2017

Tessa Bertozzi presents at FameLab Finals 2017 better 885

Glowing logo from Science Week 2017 tent team 885


Durbin carousel 885

Facsimile Triptych 885

Andrew Walmsley Orangutan 885

Gastruloids image Turner Baillie-Johnson 885

Richard Lenski 882 Creative Commons licensed

Science Festival team 2017 885

Intermine at SciFest 2018 885

Sudhakaran in Sierra Leone 2018

Bertozzi graphical representation 885

2018 news

O'Kane paper Jan 19 885

Science Festival 2019


Genetics Centenary - plaques

Science Festival 2020


human embryo and human gastruloid

virtual open day

Age-specific mortality and immunity patterns of SARS-CoV-2

Postgrads 2014