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Genetics at the Science Festival 2019

last modified Mar 20, 2019 02:50 PM

On Saturday 16 March, The Department of Genetics took part in the Cambridge Science Festival.  The event consisted of five main activities:

1. The "Fruit Fly Fun" area gave participants the opportunity to observe flies under the microscope and learn about the different varieties

2." Strawberry Station" allowed visitors to extract DNA from a strawberry

3. "Sequencing Mystery" explored the use of DNA in forensic investigations and using this information to solve a mystery.

4. "Zebrafish Zone" looked at the different stages of a zebrafish embryo through a microscope and learn about their development

5. "Discovering DNA and Pondering Protein" explained mutations using VR head sets and looking ifurther into sickle cell anaemia.

The Department created a photo competition (winner pointed out below!) which formed a photo matching game for the event.  Participants were tasked with matching the photos to the descriptions provided.

Science Festival 2019 - zebrafishScience Festival 2019 - photo matching game

We received great feedback from visitors, mainly of whom said it was the most kid-friendly event they had been to.  We look forward to running the event again next year.