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Felipe Karam Teixeira awarded HFSPO Career Development funding

last modified Jul 23, 2018 01:33 PM

Group Leader Felipe Karam Teixeira is one of 11 scientists to attain a Career Development Award from the Human Frontier Science Program Organisation (HFSPO). This  international  programme  of  research  support  is based in Strasbourg, France. Its goal is to fund frontier research focused on complex biological systems and to promote intercontinental collaboration.

Felipe was the only researcher based in the UK to receive the award in 2018. The title of his research programme is:

Genomic conflict and stability during germline development

Felipe studies the germline, the immortal cell lineage which provides the continuity of life and ensures the transmission of genetic information through generations. Using the fruit fly (Drosophila) as a model, his Lab combines developmental, genetics, and high-throughput approaches to uncover general principles governing germline biology in vivo.

In the project supported by the Career Development Award, Felipe’s group will investigate the mechanisms protecting the germline genome against selfish DNA modules such as transposable elements - mobile units that aim to increase in copy number by jumping from one location to the other. Given that transposable elements make up almost 30% and 50% of the fruit fly and human genomes, the study is expected to bring new insights on how germ cells work to assess, control and safeguard the integrity of the genetic information that is transmitted from one generation to the next.

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