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Open Data : Moving science forward or a waste of time and money? Reporting on the debate

last modified Dec 02, 2015 04:15 PM

A stimulating and successful panel discussion on Open Data was held on 4 November in the Department of Engineering.

Rafael Carazo Salas was one of the five panel members. When the fundamental question was asked - 'What are the benefits of Open Data?' - Rafael was able to counter with the argument, 'What aren'tthe benefits?' Data sharing is important for research integrity and reproducibility, and for ensuring better quality of science. The original data can be used by other scientists to take research forward into many potential directions.>

Rafael stated that the biggest bottleneck in progress was to bridge the gap between the capacity to generate the data, and the capacity to make it useful. To this end, he recently received a  Big Data Award to build an image data repository, as part of the BBSRC investigation into ways to deal with big data challenges in the biosciences. 

>> Report on the meeting  by Marta Teperek, from the Open Data Team at the University

>> Video via Streaming Media Service

>> Storified Tweets related to the event 

>> Rafael Carazo Salas Big Data award

>> Research Data Management at Cambridge - Guidance on policies, and portal for uploading to the Research Data Repository

Open Data session in the Department

Marta Teperek and her team also gave a presentation on the requirements regarding Open Data in the Department on Friday 20 November

>> The slides from this information session are available on this website