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Department of Genetics


Current Lab Members

Alex McLachlan120

Alex McLachlan

PhD student since 2016
Interests in tracing, imaging and optogenetics of larval calyx circuitry

Hilary Wong 120     

Hilary Wong

PhD student 2014-2018
Interests in octopaminergic receptors in the larval mushroom body calyx


Past Lab Members

MPhil students

Angela Wan 120     

Angela Wan, 2014-2015

Current interests: Medical genetics, cancer, biomarkers

Current affiliation: Queen's University School of Medicine, Kingston, ON,  K7L 3N6, Canada

Hilary Wong 120    

Hilary Wong, 2013-2014

Current interests: PhD student, Masuda-Nakagawa group, on octopaminergic receptors in the larval mushroom body calyx

Current affiliation: University of Cambridge, Dept of Genetics

Undergraduate students


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David Chong


Sophie Kitching


Keshini Kulathevanayagam 120    

Keshini Kulathevanayagam

Current interests: As a Medical student and former Part II Geneticist, I have developed a fervent interest in the genetic underpinnings of  neurological and gynaecological conditions. Over the summer in the Masuda-Nakagawa lab, I was able to conduct research into the neural circuitry of larval Drosophila, and its relation to behavioural functions and disorders of the mammalian brain

Current Affiliation: Clinical student at Christ's College, University of Cambridge

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Vladimir Popa-Nimigean


Marella Montagnese 120      

Marcella Montagnese

I am working on computational models of reinforcement learning in patients with schizophrenia and I am interested in studying psychosis across different disorders, such as Parkinson's disease. 

My affiliation is the Psychiatry Department at Cambridge University

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Ella McKelvey

Shuo Wei Zhang

Jean Yang

Aneesh Aggarwal


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Tom Bland

Current interests: Design principles of polarity and patterning networks

Current affiliation: PhD student, Crick Institute, London

Maggie Ting 120     

Magdalene Ting

Current interests: The fascinating combination of medicine and surgery that is Ophthalmology, as the human eye acts not only as a window to the soul but also to diagnosis. 

Current affiliation: University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine


Alex McLachlan120     

Alex McLachlan

Current Interest: PhD student, Dept of Genetics, Masuda-Nakagawa group, larval calyx circuitry.


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Giles Harper-Donnelly

Current Interest: PhD student, Dept of Genetics, vertebrate axis formation


Oliver Taylor

Lorna Cox-Charge



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Maria Peppa

Shershah Assadullah

Dixy Shah

Lorna Cox-Charge


Hilary Wong 120    

Hilary Wong