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COMRADES technique reveals how Zika Virus interacts inside cells and could enable new anti-viral therapies

last modified Sep 12, 2018 03:46 PM

Omer Ziv and Eric Miska [Miska Group] have contributed to a new protocol published in Nature Methods :

COMRADES determines in vivo RNA structures and interactions.

Scientists will be able to use the COMRADES method to devise new antiviral therapeutic approaches for a wide range of RNA viruses. This is the first method allowing investigation of 'in-depth RNA conformation capture'. Omer Ziv and his colleagues used it to decipher the in vivo genome stucture of Zika Virus inside human cells, and identify its interaction with host RNAs.

Omer Ziv [first author and developer] explains the significance of the research:

'With the COMRADES technique we can explore the detailed molecular interactions between virus and host RNA. This would allow us to design short RNA or DNA sequences that can be administered to interfere with those interactions - potentially preventing the virus' ability to replicate and infect further cells. Therefore the information we get from COMRADES opens the door to a whole new therapeutic strategy. Given the wide applicability of this technique to any RNA virus and any host cell, both human and animal RNA viral diseases can be a target for such research.'

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