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Imaging the Genome : And now hear the Podcast

last modified Nov 05, 2014 08:36 AM

The quest to understand the fundamental rules governing life has taken another step forward, as new research in the Department of Genetics, and published in 'Developmental Cell' this month, demonstrates.

In this Naked Scientist Podcast, Timothy Revell interviews Group Leader Dr. Rafael Carazo Salas and lab member Jonathan Lawson, to find out more.

Find the link to the Podcast here >>

>> The related paper, 'A Genomic Multiprocess Survey of Machineries that Control and Link Cell Shape, Microtubule Organization, and Cell-Cycle Progression', has been published in 'Developmental Cell' vol 31 (2) pages 227–239, and is available on Science Direct at :

>> Carazo Salas Lab