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Jonathan Lawson makes FameLab Regional Finals

last modified Apr 02, 2014 08:58 AM

Jonathan Lawson and his naked mole ratGraduate student Jonathan Lawson, from the Carazo Salas Group, made the Regional Finals of FameLab 2014 in February, together with his naked mole rat.

The naked mole rat was named 'Vertebrate of 2013' after significant discoveries were made regarding its ability to completely avoid developing cancer.

FameLab, set up in 2005, helps early career scientists and engineers communicate science to the general public, not just to their colleagues.

See Jonathan's presentation on YouTube

Jonathan has also been involved in the Schools Roadshow for Science Week [10-23 March 2014] Jonathan talked about 'Weird and Wacky Wildlife' to KS1-5 pupils [see item 11 on the programme]. Through videos, photos and simple demonstrations, Jonathan looked at some of the strangest ways that living things around the world adapt to the places that they live and discover how this helps them to survive in the wild. He featured animals that disappear, bugs that explode, plants that move, and germs that look like animals.