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Mineotaur : Interactive visual analytics tool for high-throughput microscopy screens

last modified Jan 26, 2016 03:55 PM

High-throughput/high-content microscopy phenotyping provides an increasingly powerful tool to systematically discover and functionally annotate genes and biological pathways, at large scale and in an unbiased manner.

Although microscopy phenotyping projects often generate biological Big Data at the single cell level for thousands of genotypic conditions, accessing that data requires specialized computational knowledge and most often that data is no longer mined after publication. To help address that limitation the Carazo Salas Group has developed Mineotaur, a graph model-based web application allowing visual analytics and sharing of large (>million data points) microscopy projects by computational and non-computational scientists alike. The Group believes tools like Mineotaur will become increasingly key to crowd-source the analysis of biological Big Data projects, to potentiate their return-on-investment and help catalyse biological advances, as well as establish community-wide data and interoperability standards.

Mineotaur can be found at

Bálint Antal, Anatole Chessel and Rafael E. Carazo Salas. Mineotaur: a tool for high-content microscopy screen sharing and visual analytics. Genome Biology 2015, 16:283  doi:10.1186/s13059-015-0836-5 [Open Access]

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