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What does Brexit mean for life sciences research? Panel Discussion and TV coverage

last modified Jun 08, 2016 09:04 AM

Dr Cahir O'Kane took part in the panel discussion exploring 'What does Brexit mean for life sciences research?', organised by the Addenbrooke’s Graduate Forum on June 2nd. The discussion explored implications for funding, free movement, policy (e.g. in terms of clinical trial and animal use regulations) and biotech and innovation.

He also contributed to Look East  on 25 May, in support of remaining in the EU. Cahir said:

“I know that about five people who have contributed most to recent advances in understanding the types of motor-neurone diseases I work on with Drosophila, two of whom came funded by Marie Curie Fellowships from the EU. That’s not a personal matter for me. That’s someone who brings their skills to the UK”




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