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Dr David Turner awarded NC3Rs David Sainsbury Fellowship

last modified Jan 27, 2017 08:41 AM

Dr David Turner, of the Martinez Arias Group, has accepted an NC3Rs David Sainsbury Fellowship for his research on the establishment of left-right asymmetry in mammalian development, beginning in February and lasting for 3 years.

David is using the ‘Gastruloid’ model system developed by members of the Group to investigate Left-Right asymmetry. Gastruloids, aggregates of mouse embryonic stem cells, pattern and develop axial identity in a manner that’s very similar to the mouse embryo in terms of morphology, gene expression patterns, axial elongation and patterning, and cell movements. Due to this similarity, it is an effective substitute for animals studies on early developmental processes.

>> Details of David's research

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The Martinez Arias Group’s recent paper 'Interactions between Nodal and Wnt signalling Drive Robust Symmetry Breaking and Axial Organisation in Gastruloids (Embryonic Organoids)' has been deposited on BioRxiv:


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