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Two new University Lecturers appointed to the Department

last modified Jul 01, 2015 10:53 AM

Dr Aylwyn Scally and Dr Michaela Frye have been appointed to the recently advertised Departmental lectureships in the Department of Genetics.

Aylwyn Scally's research is undertaken in computational genetics and genomics. He has a particular focus on human and primate evolution, and uses computational and mathematical methods with genome sequence data to explore ancestral demography and evolutionary processes of speciation and mutation.

He currently works in the Department of Genetics and his website can be found via the link below:

>> Aylwyn Scally's research : Evolutionary Genomics

Michaela Frye will be coming to the Department from the Stem Cell Institute and Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience.  Her lab focuses on the identification and characterization of post-transcriptional pathways regulating the maintenance of adult stem cells. Group members further explore whether modulation of RNA-methylation pathways can help to protect from human diseases, such as cancer.

Her lab's current (Stem Cell Institute) web site can be found via the link below:

>> Michaela Frye's research : Stem Cell Homeostasis and Disease