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Kimata Lab members participate in UK-Japan Young Scientist programme

last modified Jul 29, 2014 04:39 PM

During the week of 21 July, the Kimata lab contributed to the 'UK-Japan Young Scientist' programme. 

Chin Yap demos 525

Image above : Chin Yap demonstrates dissection

Erns wrapping slides 525

Image above : Francesco Meghini demonstrates slide labelling

During this week-long workshop, 16-17 year old pre-A or A-level students carried out experiments in the lab with a pre-determined aim. This year, to help demonstrate the development of the Drosophila cell cycle, the students (2 English and 2 Japanese) were tasked to dissect, stain and analyse Drosophila brains as well as stain and analyse cultured Drosophila cells. 
UK-Japan presentation 525
Image above : The students' presentation
Kimata Lab members enjoyed their tutoring roles, and the school students found the experience in a lab exciting. The programme ended with an excellent presentation by the students, and a formal dinner at Trinity College.
UK-Japan Trinity Dinner 525
Image above : The formal dinner at Trinity College

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