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Dr Hansong Ma

Dr Hansong Ma

Group Leader: Ma Group

Our lab uses Drosophila to study mitochondrial DNA, including its transmission, recombination, and interaction with the nuclear genome.

Hansong Ma is accepting applications for PhD students.

Gurdon Institute, Tennis Court Road
Tennis Court Road

Office Phone: 01223767226

Key Publications

  • Ma H & O’Farrell PH. ‘Selfish drive’ can trump function when animal mitochondrial genomes compete, Nat Genet, 2016, 48: 798-802, 2016
  • Ma H & O’Farrell PH. Selections that isolate recombinant mitochondrial genomes in animals, eLife, 4: e07247, 2015
  • Ma H, Xu H, O’Farrell PH. Transmission of mitochondrial mutations and action of purifying selection in Drosophila melanogaster, Nat Genet, 46 (4): 393-397, 2014
  • Ma H, Hagen F, Stekel DJ, Johnston SA, Sionov E, Falk R, Polacheck I, Boekhout T, May RC. The fatal fungal outbreak on Vancouver Island is characterized by enhanced intracellular parasitism driven by mitochondrial regulation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 106(31): 12980-5, 2009
  • Ma H, Croudace JE, Lammas DA, May RC. Expulsion of live pathogenic yeast by macrophages. Curr Biol, 16(21): 2156-60, 2006