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Rebeca Ridings-Figueroa

Graduate student : Glover Group


2016 - 2020; PhD in Genetics, Cambridge Cancer Centre & Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge

2015 - 2016; Masters by Research, University of York

2012-2015; BSc Molecular and Cell Biology, University of York



Natural Sciences Undergraduate Supervisor (Year 1, Biology of Cells); October 2019 -April 2020

Key Publications

Stewart E.R., Turner R., Newling K., Ridings-Figueroa R., Scott, V., Ashton, P.D. et al. Maintenance of epigenetic landscape requires CIZ1 and is corrupted in differentiated fibroblasts in long-term culture. Nature Communications. 2019; 10(1).

Ridings-Figueroa R., Stewart E.R., Nesterova T.B., Coker H., Pintacuda G., et al. The nuclear matrix protein CIZ1 facilitates localization of Xist RNA to the inactive X-chromosome territory. Genes & Development. 2017; 31:1-13.