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Samuel H Lewis

Samuel H Lewis

Postdoctoral Research Associate: Jiggins Group

Research Interests

My research focuses on small RNA pathways, which are found in most animals and plants, and function in antiviral defence, gene regulation and genome stability. I am interested in how different these pathways are between species, and how these differences have evolved. In particular, I am interested in how coevolution between hosts and pathogens has driven changes in small RNA pathways.

Key Publications

Lewis SH, Quarles KA, Yang Y, Tanguy M, Frezal L, Smith SA, Sharma PP, Cordaux R, Gilbert C, Giraud I, Collins DH, Zamore PD, Miska EA, Sarkies P & Jiggins FM (2018) Pan-arthropod analysis reveals somatic piRNAs as an ancestral defence against transposable elements Nature Ecology & Evolution 2:174-181

Lewis SH, Webster CL, Salmela H & Obbard DJ (2016) Repeated duplication of Argonaute2 is associated with strong selection and testis specialization in Drosophila Genetics 204:757-769

Lewis SH, Salmela H & Obbard DJ (2016) Duplication and diversification of Dipteran Argonaute genes, and the evolutionary divergence of Piwi and Aubergine Genome Biology and Evolution 8:507-518

Lewis SH (2016) The evolution of Dipteran Argonaute genes through duplication, selection and functional specialisation PhD Thesis, University of Edinburgh

Webster CL, Longdon B, Lewis SH & Obbard DJ (2016) Twenty five new viruses associated with the Drosophilidae (Diptera) Evolutionary Bioinformatics Suppl. 2 13-25

Lewis SH & Obbard DJ (2014) Recent insights into the evolution of innate viral sensing in Animals Current Opinion in Microbiology 20:170-175

Schnettler E, Tykalova H, Watson M, Sharma M, Sterken MG, Obbard DJ, Lewis SH, et al., Fazakerley JK & Kohl A (2014) Induction and suppression of tick cell antiviral RNAi responses by tick-borne flaviviruses Nucleic Acids Research 42:9436-9446