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Department of Genetics

I am interested in understanding how physical forces shape biological structures.


I am a PhD student on the Wellcome Trust Developmental Mechanisms programme.

I am conducting my PhD project in the Steventon group. 

Bsc (1st Class Hons.) in Natural Sciences from UCL






My reserach focuses on the role of mechanical forces in shaping tissues, organs and embryos.

During my PhD I have investigated how multi-tissue mechanical interactions in shape the zebrafish embryo body.


Key publications: 

Anterior expansion and posterior addition to the notochord mechanically coordinate embryo axis elongation. McLaren and Steventon. BioRxiv, 2021 -

The role of mitotic cell-substrate adhesion re-modeling in animal cell division. Dix et al. Dev. Cell, 2018 -

PhD Candidate : Steventon Group
Email address: