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Department of Genetics



I am a PhD student in the laboratory of Ben Steventon. My thesis investigates the formation of patterns in tissues where the cells which make them up are regularly moving and exchanging places with one another. I am interested in the processes that allow patterns to form despite this mixing and am currently considering how cell mixing may itself function as an input to pattern formation. I have investigated this both during gastrulation, using whole embryonic explants taken from zebrafish pre gastrulation, known as pescoids, and during somitogenesis.

In addition to my research I currently supervise approximately 30 undergraduate students across 2 full time Cambridge courses for both the school of Biological Sciences and the School of Medicine.

I  am a member of the Royal Society of Biology and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


I supervise 1st year Biology of Cells (Natural Sciences) for St Catharine's College and Molecules in Medical Science (Medicine) for Trinity. In addition to this I supervise small parts of 2nd year Cell and Developmental Biology (Natural Sciences) and parts of the Part II (3rd year) Genetics course.


Key publications: 


Publications, Journal Articles


Fulton, T., Hwang, S., Wang, Y., Thomson, L., Clark, B., Verd, B., and Steventon, B. (2021). Morphogenetic coupling leads to pattern emergence in the presomitic mesoderm. BioRxiv 2021.02.05.429898.

Fulton, T., Trivedi, V., Attardi,. Steventon, B. (2020). Traditional Embryology with Modern Imaging Approaches: Investigating Morphogenetic Feedback on Pattern Formation. The Node.

Fulton, T., Trivedi, V., Attardi, A., Anlas, K., Dingare, C., Arias, A.M., and Steventon, B. (2020). Axis Specification in Zebrafish Is Robust to Cell Mixing and Reveals a Regulation of Pattern Formation by Morphogenesis. Curr. Biol.

Attardi, A. ‡, Fulton, T. ‡, Florescu, M., Shah, G., Muresan, L., Lenz, M.O., Lancaster, C., Huisken, J., van Oudenaarden, A., and Steventon, B. (2018). Neuromesodermal progenitors are a conserved source of spinal cord with divergent growth dynamics. Development dev.166728.  ‡Joint first
author with equal contribution

Fulton, T., Lenz, M.O., Muresan, L., Lancaster, C., Horton, E., and Steventon, B. (2018). Long-term in toto cell tracking using lightsheet microscopy of the zebrafish tailbud. Wellcome Open Res. 3, 163.

Caine, R.S., Yin, X., Sloan, J., Harrison, E.L., Mohammed, U., Fulton, T., Biswal, A.K., Dionora, J., Chater, C.C., Coe, R.A., et al. (2018). Rice with reduced stomatal density conserves water and has improved drought tolerance under future climate conditions. New Phytol.


Research Assistant : Steventon Group
Graduate student : Steventon Group
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