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Department of Genetics


The DEPT account is the current Genetics department account used for most non-web computing services offered by Genetics.

Accounts, account changes and extensions must be requested via the Postgraduate, Graduate or HR Administrator. If you have one you can see the details (which groups you are in and when a given group membership will end) logging in with Raven here (Cambridge only.) Once your account is created you will have to set a password (Cambridge only, Raven protected.) Here's some advice on password choice.

These accounts are used for most communal computers and computerised microscope systems. An account is also needed for access to most printers and servers.

Note that your username will almost always be the same as your "CRSID" (your cambridge email with removed), but with some systems you may have to prefix it with dept\

You can change your password by

  • Logging into a departmental PC (e.g.: the library pcs) and pressing ctrl-alt-delete and choosing the "change password" option.
  • Logging into a departmental Mac (e.g.: the library Macs) and going to "System Preferences" > "Accounts" and clicking "Change Password"
  • Logging into this website using Raven

UIS Raven accounts

UIS accounts, also known as Raven accounts, are generally created and updated automatically based on the data in the central HR system or the central Student information System. You can change your UIS account password at on the Raven password site. Annoyingly there is no way for an individual to see their own UIS account expiry dates, and UIS themselves don't know until around 1 month before the account expires (due to deficiencies in the HR and Student Information System.)

Raven accounts usually, but not always, include an Exchange On-line email account (aka Outlook,) an Office 365 account (allowing access to Microsoft Office,) a DS/MCS account (for UIS non-administrative managed desktops.) Which precise services you are granted access to depends on your staff, student or visitor status.