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Department of Genetics


Welcome to the Genetics Researchers Committee


Your representatives are:

  • Stephanie Telerman - Chair (Ferguson-Smith group)
  • Arun Ramesh (Jiggins group)
  • Berta Verd (Steventon group)
  • Cameron Croft (Summers group)
  • Carol Edwards (Ferguson-Smith group)
  • Dagmara Korona (Russell group)
  • Lei Zhao (Illingworth group)
  • Lena Neubert (Karam-Teixeira group)
  • Levente Kovacs (Glover group)
  • Megan Oliva (O'Kane group)
  • Naomi Moris (Martinez-Arias group)
  • Rachel Lyne (Micklem group)
  • Shane McCarthy (Durbin group)


What we are doing:

  • Support all postdoctoral trainees and research assistants during their career development and promote exchange between researchers of the Department.
  • Aid career development and progression through bi-monthly seminars and workshops.  As well as encouraging interdepartmental interactions through a bi-monthly seminar series featuring researchers throughout Downing site. (click here for upcoming seminars and workshops).
  • Organising annual symposiums for members of the Department to present their work and stimulate discussions and provide peer-support.
  • Represent PostDocs and Research Assistants on the departmental committees.

How you can contribute:

  • Join the committee.
  • Come along to the events organised by the committee.
  • Give us feedback on past events.
  • Suggest events/seminars/speakers.



Contact Us

Please get in touch with any of us in person or by e-mail , if you are interested in joining us on the committee or have issues or ideas you would like to contribute.