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Department of Genetics


Equipment and Building

Principal Assistant: Sara Singlehurst
Room : Off Reception
Phone: 766729

Emergency Contacts when Sara Singlehurst is absent:
Amie Baker Email:
Emily Kempin tel. 33976 Email:
Casey Mein Email:
Out of Hours:  Security Tel: 31818

Enquiries regarding equipment etc

Fly room / Fly media:

Computers: Gareth Porteous and Harry Hurer-Mackay
E-mail: - goes to Gareth and Harry, or routes to back-up if they're away

Confocal microscope: Antonina Kruppa

Computer security: If Gareth Porteous is on leave, please use the generic e-mail address which will route to others who can help.


Qualified first-aiders are:

Bettina Fischer ground floor Email:

Anjuli Swift 1st floor Email:

Emily Kempin basement tel. 33976 Email:

If you cannot contact a first aider, you should call Reception on 33999, and ask them to find one