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Department of Genetics


Equipment and Building

The Laboratory Manager for the appropriate floor should be the first point of contact for reporting problems with equipment, services or facilities. Laboratory Managers will also prepare purchase orders where Groups do not produce their own.

Principal Assistant: Sara Singlehurst
Room : Off Reception
Phone: 766729

Ground Floor and Basement Manager : Marion Martin
Room: B16
Phone: 64213

Emergency Contacts when Sara Singlehurst is absent:
Marion Martin Tel: 64213 Email:
Emily Kempin Email:
Casey Mein Email:
Out of Hours:  Security Tel: 31818

Enquiries regarding equipment etc

Fly room / Fly media:

Computers: Ian Clark
E-mail: - goes to Ian, or routes to back-up if he is away

Confocal microscope: Ian Clark

Computer security: If Ian Clark is on leave, please use the generic e-mail address which will route to others who can help.


Qualified first-aiders are:

Bettina Fischer ground floor

Alexis Sperling Glover Lab

If you cannot contact a first aider, you should call Reception on 33999, and ask them to find one