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Upcoming Seminars & Workshops

Upcoming Seminars and Workshops


Thursday 07 November at 4pm - Biffen Lecture Theatre
Invited speakers:
Peter Baillie-Johnson
"Embryonic Organoids as an Experimental Tool for Developmental Biology."

Yassen Abbas
"Engineering organoids: a model of the human endometrium."

Kyungtae Lim
"Developmental Acquisition of Alveolar Feature in Human Lung Tip Progenitors."


Previous Events

Entrepreneurial World

Wednesday 02 October at noon - Part II room, Department of Genetics

Invited speakers:

Dr Maximilian Ge - EPOC member (Entrepreneurial Postdocs  of Cambridge): Head of Business Development

Dr Harry Clifford - Co-founder & CTO of Cambridge Cancer Genomics

Dr Johnny Habchi - Borysieqicz Biomedical Science Fellow (University of Cambridge) and Head of Research at Wren Therapeutics

Postdoc to Publishing. 

Wednesday 01 May at noon - Part II Room, Department of Genetics

Invited speakers:
Dr Katherine Brown, Executive Editor at Development 
Dr Seth Thomas Scanlow, Associate Editor at Science.


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