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Department of Genetics


Who & Why?

You must complete a visitor application form for any person visiting the Department staying/working for more than 5 working days. The Head of Department is required to maintain a register of visitors for insurance and immigration purposes.

Any person coming to the Department for a shorter period (e.g. for a meeting) should sign in at Reception


We need to receive notification of a visitor at least 10 working days before the person arrives in the Department. This advance notification is important so that we have time to check the visitor's details, particularly their immigration status.

What to do

  1. Download the application form
  2. Send the completed application and relevant documentation to
  3. Remember to attach the following documents:
  • Photo of the visitor
  • Copy of personal details page of passport
  • CV
  • Copy of page of passport showing entry clearance (visa) – if relevant

Incomplete application forms, or those that do not have the required attached documents will be returned to the requester, potentially holding up the process for your visitor. 

The application form will then go to the Head of Department or Departmental Administrator for approval.  Once approved, the visitor details will be entered on to the Departmental Visitors database and a formal visitor’s letter together with the University’s standard terms and conditions for visitors will be produced for the individual and/or their home institution to sign.

Who to ask

or Sean Scinta will be pleased to answer any queries.