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Teaching Guidance

We have collected a range of documents, useful links and hints & tips to support you with teaching. If you have any questions or enquiries about this page, please email

For 2022/23, the University has stated that all teaching needs to be in-person. Lectures will be recorded and then released for viewing. Genetics will be recording lectures and releasing them to the Moodle site as soon as possible after the timetabled sessions. Part II sessions such as SAGs and some MT Information Sessions will not be recorded. It is recommended that teaching staff test out the technology to be used for recording well in advance of having to use it.

Panopto and Lecture Capture
There are two types of lecture capture, Manual and Scheduled. The Part II Teaching Room is now equipped with scheduled lecture capture. Information on the equipment in the Part II Room will be available soon.

The Biffen Lecture Theatre also has scheduled lecture cature. Information on the equipment in the Biffen Lecture Theatre will be available soon. If you wish to book the Biffen Lecture Theatre, please use Booker or for advanced bookings for lectures, please contact the Room Bookings Central Team.

Genetics recommends using Panopto to record lectures, however if a lecturer prefers to use Zoom or TEAMs instead, this is fine. Recordings will be uploaded to Moodle, alongside your other course materials, for students to access.

The following links provide useful instructions on how to use Panopto:

If you have any questions or enquiries about using Panopto or Moodle, then please use the contact details below for further advice and assistance.
Support Contacts
Lecture Capture -
Moodle -
General Policy -


A number of other resources are also available and can be found below:

Links from Cambridge Libraries

Links from the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning

Links from the Disability Resource Centre

Links from UIS

Central University Policies


Securing your Zoom Meetings - This is a PDF from the Zoom website with hints and tips on how to keep your meetings safe.

Set up a Poll in Zoom - Step by step instructions, with pictures and a video, on how to set up Polls in Meetings.

Transfering Host rights, personal meetings rooms and more information can be found on the Gurdon Webpage.