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Department of Genetics



Everyone in the Genetics Department, including those working in buildings other than the main Department, and including Part IIs :

Members of research groups in the main Genetics Building [ie not Wellcome Building] and admin staff, but not Part IIs :

Genetics Department members at the Wellcome Gurdon Institute :

Group leaders from other departments who have chosen to be affiliated with the Department of Genetics :

Role addresses

Reception :

Head of Department's secretary :

Accounts :

HR: [goes to Sam Laister and Sean Scinta]

Postgrauate Queries:

Undergraduate Part III Queries:

Undergraduate Part II Queries:

Safety :  [goes to Emily Kempin and Sara Singlehurst]

IT help :  [goes to Gareth Porteous and Harry Hurer-Mackay - picked up by other computer staff if on leave]

Department e-mail accounts / network accounts : [goes to Gareth Porteous]

Part II admin : [use this for sending lecture notes for printing or loading to Moodle, general questions about PartII, etc - goes to Part II Administrator, Reception, Moodle Co-ordinator]

Library : [goes to Librarian and John Welch]

News : send your news items to [goes to Lottie Groocock]

Categories of Department members

Group leaders

Postdocs and research assistants :

Professional Support staff :

Administrative staff :

Staff, all research staff, and assistant staff :

CUFS users :

Postgraduates :

Undergraduates :


Media :

Research groups

The formula is: Ahringer :   ... and so on

Less-obvious ones:

FlyChip :

FlyMine :

Ferguson-Smith :

Martinez Arias :

O'Kane :

St. Johnston :

Departmental Committees

Equality and Wellbeing Committee [ex: AthenaSWAN Committee] :

Events Committee:

Graduate Education Committee :

Library Committee :

Infrastructure Committee :

IT Steering Committee:

Microscopy Steering Committee:

Researchers Committee :

Safety Committee :

Staff Committee :

Strategy Committee:

Teaching Committee :


For members of staff who have been in the department for some time, where possible, a personal e-mail address uses the formula : [ie first]

However, members of staff who recently joined the department are using

To ensure the message gets through, please send to both initial.surname and firstname.surname

To determine a University e-mail address, please use Lookup