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Department of Genetics


How I decide what to do next

A rough guide. A round-robin system acts as a tie-breaker. i.e. if a group has caused a lot of work recently they will be deprioritised. Special cases are ranked by the number of people affected. The CO only works on IT 4 days a week and his decision is final.

  1. Departmental network/phones
  2. Departmental servers
  3. Teaching A/V support
  4. Departmental microscope support
  5. Departmental user support
  6. Departmental microscope training
  7. Departmental purchasing
  8. User administration
  9. School of the Biological Sciences liaison.
  10. Software purchases
  11. Purchasing advice
  12. Group A/V support
  13. Improving departmental systems (increasing automation, collaboration with other COs, evaluating new tech)
  14. Departmental printers (when delegated users can't deal with it)
  15. Group Linux server OS administration (configuration, updates, installation of packaged software)
  16. Domain linked desktop user support
  17. Group Windows server OS administration (configuration, updates only)
  18. Non-standard Linux server software support (compiling/installing unpackaged software)
  19. Non-domain linked device basic user support (configuration of printers, eduroam, etc)
  20. Non-standard Windows server software support (best efforts)
  21. Non-standard desktop software support (best efforts)
  22. Non-domain linked device user support (hardware repair, data recovery, virus removal)
  23. Non-departmental printers (with complaining)
  24. Obsolete software/equipment (i.e. unsupported by supplier)