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Projects and locally developed software is documented here
New password server

Upgrading from OpenDirectory to ActiveDirectory in 2010

Printer consumables and page monitor

It's useful to know when a printer is running out of toner...

RAID5 data recovery

Recovering data from RAID5 arrays with bad blocks all over the shop

UPS Monitoring in Perl

Using NUT and its Perl library UPS::Nut to log and alert stuff...

Requisition system

Using Catalyst and Request Tracker to make an electronic version of the requisition and ordering system

Convert a v20z to use SATA disks

From Jan 2011. Includes pin-outs for v20z power connector.

Getting Apple iCalendar server working

Active Directory plus iCal = pain

Overriding reverse DNS for a single IP

This is probably a bad idea. I'm just experimenting with Kerberos and don't have full control over my reverse dns.

Ubuntu, cgroups and trying to stop users making a system unusable

We have some linux boxes used for small-scale HPC by novice users. These can become unresponsive under extreme load, so I use cgroups to try to reserve some I/O, RAM and CPU for system processes